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Save The Date For 2024!!
March 29 - March 31

2023 Equine Round Up AD Come Enjoy All the Fun 10.5.22.jpg

March 31 - April 2, 2023
Friday/Saturday 9 AM - 7 PM
Adults: $15
Children: $10 (7-12yo)

6 and Under FREE

Sunday 9 AM - 3 PM
Adults: $10
Children: $5 (7-12yo)
6 and Under FREE

Sunday 9:00 AM
Cowboy Church with Circle C

Doors open each day at 8:45 AM

Service dogs only, thank you! 


Be sure to participate in the Pony Roundup!!

Get your Trail Map at the door as you enter the building—round up15 hidden ponies from the participating vendors listed on your trail map. Once you do that, take your trail map to the Trail Map Drop-off, located near the lecture area. Enter to win a $20 gift card or merchandise of equal value!! You must be present to win!!! 

Drawings will be at theTrail Map Drop- off on Friday/Saturday at 1pm and 6 pm and Sunday at 2 pm!! Good luck!!!  


Enter to win a $25 SmartPak Gift Certificate at Corvin Photography’s Booth.

Certificates will be given out each day, 3/ Friday, 3/Saturday and

You Must be present to win!!
Good luck!! 

Miss Rodeo, KY, Inc, said, "The Indiana Equine Roundup was an absolute blast! We would 11/10 recommend that you attend next year." 

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Event Information
Brice Howell

Event Coordinator & Sponsorship Sales
Danisa Lewi

Event Program Ad Space
Natalie Corvin


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