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See the Unseen: Putnam County is A Hidden Gem

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Sometimes the most valuable gems are hidden between soil and rocks. They are often overlooked. Like a hidden gem, Putnam County with its great career potential and business opportunities, is waiting for you to explore.

Putnam County is located in the state of Indiana. With around 84,000 population, the local community is welcoming, supportive, and prosperous. With multiple large distribution centers around, the county has many local supply chains which create optimum solution for your business to lower the costs. The Executive Director of Putnam County Economic Development Corporation, Kristin Clary used an example of crowns to demonstrate the benefits of building facilities in Putnam County. The local manufacturer of crowns sells their products across the nation and even across the globe. This setup enables a local supply chain for the other local distribution centers such as Walmart who needs forklift crowns for their operation. Additionally, the tax abatement policy will also release a part of the stress for building facilities.

Outside from benefits of local supply chain and tax abatement, the location of Putnam County also helps it to stand out as an opportunity hub for business development. Greencastle, as an example of a town in Putnam County, is only an hour drive from Indianapolis where headquarters of S&P 500 companies swarm. Less than 40-minutes-drive from international airport allows easy travelling and staying for more diversified business opportunities. What’s more? Interstate I-70 allows business owners to have an easy access to the town.

You might think this is it, but no! Putnam County has more unseen advantages for business developers. With a more layback community setup, most of the business based in Putnam County do not rely heavily on technology development. Introducing more latest technology functions and tech-related business to the county will create more opportunities and potential. Tech-related business are also likely to become the lead of the business within the county.

What are you wait for? Visit Putnam County online check out link: The challenge is to see the unseen. Now we have displayed this precious gem that has been hidden before. It is your chance to leverage the resources to thrive and better our community!

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