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Upcoming Events at C Bar C Expo Center
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3-5 - IBRA Ultimate Challenge
7 - Open ride from 12pm-9pm
10-12 - Camarillo Classic
14 - Open ride from 12pm-9pm
18 - Midwest Youth Rodeo Association
18-19 - Little Britches Rodeo
21 - Open ride from 12pm-9pm
24-26 - Little Britches Rodeo
25 - Midwest Youth Rodeo Association
Nov 30 - Dec 3 - IKI Winter Circuit Quarter horse show

Nov 30 - Dec 3 - IKI WInter Circuit Quarter horse show
10 - Clover cops and Christmas
12 - Open ride from 12pm-9pm
15-17 - KISS Futurity Barrel Race
19 - Open ride from 12pm-9pm
29-31 - Cindy's New Year No Fear Barrel Race

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